Be a Voice for the Voiceless

The Provisor Group is introducing their Community Cause program to give back to the community we love so much. We are asking our wonderful clients and friends to join us in helping innocent children who need a voice. Voices for Kids is a local non-profit agency, whose mission is to raise funds in support of the Guardian ad Litem Program (GAL).


PTheir program recruits and trains volunteers for the purpose of representing abused, neglected & abandoned children in court, school, the child welfare system and the community. The volunteer advocates are everyday citizens who truly care about kids and their future.

The kids represented by GAL have been removed from their parent’s custody and placed in the custody of the State of Florida. They are usually removed from their homes with few, if any, of their belongings.

Below is a story of how two children were placed in a forever home through this organization:

"The best experience I have being a volunteer child advocate is when children are adopted by a loving family. In the last five years, I have advocated for five children who have been adopted. One case is especially special. The state wanted to place the child with a distant relative. This meant separating the child from a sibling. The siblings had lived together on and off and bounced between relatives’ homes and foster homes. Nothing seemed to fit or work out for the them. Too many adults gave up on them, I wasn’t going to give up or give in. Last June, with my help, they found a forever-family. I was so happy they found loving new parents who were willing to adopt both siblings so they could stay together. The adoption was finalized in May of this year; almost a whole year later. Because I advocated for them for so long, these siblings consider me a grandmother, and I intend to stay in their lives." - Susan, volunteer child advocate.

With your help and donations, you can provide the resources for more of these stories to become a reality.

Ed Pickett

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